Public Place

All eggs used are local free range eggs, meats are supplied by the lads at our local Chisholm butcher CJ meats. Separate Gluten free fryer for all Gluten free options Gluten free & vegan & paleo available upon request, charges apply


Breakfast served all day, please feel free to add any extra sides

Publics big breakfast 24 (GF) (P)

2 rasher bacon 2 eggs (poached, fried or scrambled) roasted vine tomatoes, garlic chive mushrooms, baby spinach, Italian sausage, hash brown & avo smash on toasted sourdough

Breakfast bruschetta 17 (GF)
Thyme infused ricotta on toasted sourdough topped w chives & garlic Mushroom medley & poached eggs

Steak, greens & eggs 20 (GF) (P)
200gr grass fed sirloin, broccolini, asparagus, spinach, poached eggs.

Shakshuka baked eggs 18 (GF)(P)
Spicy tomato & capsicum sugo w baked eggs, fetta, fresh herbs w toasted sourdough.
Add Italian sausage 3.5

Spring French toast 19
Cronut French toast w house mango frozen yoghurt, lemon curd, coulis & fresh berries

Coconut & beetroot spring Bircher bowl 15
Coconut & beetroot Chia Bircher muesli, w house made mango frozen yoghurt, seasonal fruit & berries & sweet dukkah & toasted coconut chips

Public’s breakfast BLEAT 17 (GF)
Bacon, eggs, lettuce, tomato, avocado, roasted garlic aioli, house relish on toasted focaccia

Superfood vegos Breakkie 16 (GF)
Roasted pumpkin, quinoa, kale & herb stuffed capsicums, toasted cashews, smashed avo, thyme infused ricotta & poached eggs

Loaded waffle fries bowl 15
Crispy waffle cut fries w bacon lardons, smashed avocado, melted cheese, smokey Bbq crème fraiche sauce & fried eggs.

 Publics house Benny our way 19 (GF)
House cured beetroot salmon w roasted vine tomatoes, grilled asparagus, poached eggs & hollandaise served on a toasted artisan croissant

Or the high…your way on toasted sourdough

With a side of spinach 15
With CJ Meats house smoked ham 16
With bacon 17
With house cured salmon 18

Bacon & Egg Roll 10 (GF)
Double egg, double bacon, tomato or barbeque sauce or house made relish on toasted focaccia

Sausage & egg wrap 16 (GF)
Double egg, Italian sausage, baby spinach, tomato, hash brown your choice of sauce - Add bacon 2.5

Fruit Toast 7
Artisan made sourdough fruit loaf, toasted with butter served w citrus mascarpone

Chooks bum nuts on toast 8 (GF)
2 eggs cooked to your liking, and if you’re feeling adventurous feel free to add a side

Bacon, leg ham, Italian sausage, hash browns, avo smash, asparagus, eggs, garlic chive mushrooms, thyme ricotta, roasted vine tomatoes, house cured salmon, baby spinach, hollandaise.

Lunches served all day kitchen closes at 2.30 daily GF available upon request charges apply

 Vegan falafel pockets 17 (GF)
Falafels w coconut yoghurt raita, purple cabbage slaw served in a toasted pocket w a side of fries

Bbq, beef & bacon burger 19 (GF)
Double brisket & duck fat infused patties, bacon, smoked Dutch cheddar, lettuce & smokey BBQ crème fraiche sauce on a toasted milk bun w a side of fries

Spring citrus squid salad 20 (GF)
Flower cut squid w salad greens, citrus segments, cucumber, julienne chilli, purple cabbage & Asian mandarin dressing.

Chimichangas 19
Tandoori chicken, mushroom, bacon, cheese in a tortilla w house ranch dressing & rocket salad

Chicken schnitzel burger 18
Breast schnitzel, lettuce, tomato, bacon, avocado & roasted garlic aioli on a toasted milk bun & fries
Soft shell pulled pork tacos 19
Slow cooked Asian pulled pork, purple cabbage slaw, lime aioli, house pickle, fresh coriander on soft corn tortillas

Anytime fitness lunch 18 (GF)
Grilled lemon & thyme marinated chicken breast served on a bed of roasted pumpkin, kale & quinoa, asparagus, broccolini & thyme infused ricotta.

Kidz Foods

(under twelve only)

Eggs on toast 8 (GF)
Fried, poached or scrambled

Cronut French toast boat 10
Cronut French toast vanilla ice cream & fresh berries

Ham & cheese triangles 8 (GF)
Grilled cheese & ham toasted triangles

Kid’s schnitzel burger 10
Lettuce, tomato & tomato sauce on a toasted English muffin 

Pies & Pastries house made pies & sausage rolls please check display.

                                                                                                   Pepper steak 7
Chunky steak & mushroom 7
Beef, bacon & cheese 7
Chunky chicken 7
Spicy Bbq pork  7                                                                         
Vegetarian pie 7  
Plain meat pie 6
Sausage rolls 5
Spinach & fetta rolls 6.5
Sauces .50
Tomato/Smokey Bbq/ house made relish


Kafe Bar

Cappuccino |flat white| Café Latte |mocha
Long black | piccolo Latte | macchiato
Chai Latte | match green tea chai |espresso

Hot Chocolat
Hot chocolate | coconut rough | Turkish delight Salted caramel | Frosted Mint | Gingerbread     Toffee Nut | Butterscotch | Honeycomb |Toasted Marshmallow |Jaffa |

Medium | Large | Decaf | Soy |Lactose free
Almond Milk | Coconut milk | xtra shot | Flavours

Tea 4
Royal Londoners Breakfast
Regal French earl Gray
Pineapple, lemon & ginger
Green Tea coconut

House blended iced coffees 9
Blended w 4 scoops of ice cream, double shot coffee & milk
Vanilla bean iced coffee
Caramel iced latte
Mocha choc chip iced coffee
Nutella Iced latte

Kid’s drinks
Orange or apple juice 5
Milkshakes w ice cream 4
Unicorn cinos w fairy floss & rainbow marshmallows 3

Smoothies 8
Cocoloconana (V)
Banana, coconut puree, coconut milk.
Peachy berry (DF)(V)
Peaches, raspberries, almond milk, orange juice.
Strawberry mango delight (GF)
Mango, strawberries, vanilla yoghurt, coconut milk

Juices 8
Spring delight
Orange, lime, strawberry
Spring @ Dusk
Apple, beetroot, carrot, orange, lime
Power punch
Orange, apple, carrot, ginger, parsley, lime, spinach

Milkshakes 8  (kids size 4)
Blended w 2 scoops of ice cream, syrups & milk
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, caramel, salted caramel, bubble-gum.

Thickshakes 9
Blended w 4 scoops of ice cream, syrups & milk
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, caramel, salted caramel, bubble-gum.

Frozen banana dairy substitution for lactose/dairy intolerant PLEASE SPECIFY
Extras (charges apply)
Decaf | Soy |Lactose free | Almond Milk | Coconut milk | xtra shot | Flavours